Mada Sasa was launched with the aim to offer fabulous flair to women who believe in reimagining and reinventing their fashion. Our irresistibly chic style is well-defined by our masterful finishes which can compliment and flatter varied body shapes. We add a fresh spin to every day wear; from dinner must-haves to party essentials to signature collection, to office indispensables, our inspired pieces make fashion flawless and effortless for women.

As a brand we believe in creating diversion in our fashion palette in the form of prêt and bridal collection. All lines are manufactured in-house using ethical trade practices.

The essence of Mada Sasa lies in authenticity and effortless-style; be it in the choice of colour of fabrics or the way the clothes are produced. These values shine at every level in ready-to-wear prêt collection or the signature bridal collection.

Our summer signature collection, for instance is a nod to bright shades and comfort; the flowy, less-blingy, breathable silhouettes are just something you need to have fun under the sun. Hand embroidery, colors and quality are the key factors that set us apart from many in the fashion world. Our experimentation with unique shades such as burgundy, earth tones, indigo for the Fall-Winter collection has garnered tremendous response among the fashionistas.

The synthesis of intelligent styling with responsible production of fashion makes us a ready choice for women who believe that fashion is an ever-evolving phenomenon. Our celebrity closet features some of the prominent fashionistas in the town who swear by Mada Sasa.

At Mada Sasa we never stop from reinventing fashion; our wear helps women to express their inner self. Each of our piece is crafted with thoughtful precision and useful details to let you express yourself at work, play and home.